Important Advice

Each lantern is a unique piece of craftsmanship „Made in Germany“ and is therefore only built on binding orders.

Structure and commitment

Materials used: Aluminum, stainless steel, zinc chromed, solid teak, tempered glass and genuine leather – surface: Primed and powder-coated (base: Black glossy).

The lanterns are also suitable for outdoor use thanks to the materials used – provided good and regular maintenance of the materials is provided (please refer to the safety instruction below).

Any deviations in dimensions, nuances in colours or irregularities in the surfaces can arise due to the artisan individual custom-made products and make each lantern unique.

Lamps, lights and candles

Your safety is important to us we therefore recommend the exclusive use of LED candles when using the lantern. This is especially true on yachts or in areas that are not constantly monitored, as well as on foiled lanterns. The use of wax candles in these mentioned areas is therefore at your own risk please note also the safety instructions below.

Manufacturing, prices and delivery

The production times are around 10 weeks, depending on the order situation, plus delivery times. Local holidays and business holidays at the different manufacturers, can extend the delivery times.

We currently supply the lanterns exclusively to the EU, Norway and Switzerland.

On request, we would be happy to give you the prices of the lanterns, as well as the possible options. The transport costs incurred depend on the size and the destination.

If you would like to have the lantern in a different colour (RAL colour), foiled (body and/or logo/lettering on the glass planes) or with an individual leather handle, please use our contact form for a request for quotation. We will check your request for feasibility and then make you a corresponding offer. Please note that individual productions are subject to an additional charge and generally lead to longer delivery times.
Crafts business and holidays
Due to the various craftsmen’s holidays, our company is closed annually in August. We ask for your understanding that unfortunately we cannot produce during this time.

Manufacturing, prices and delivery

Please find our AGB (terms & conditions) as well as the latest safety instructions for the lanterns below.